PSA finally offering TCG/Collectables magazine!

HUGE bonus with the July 2024 edition, exclusive artwork One Piece card, first one to feature all the Straw Hat crew together.


This is really cool, I’m glad PSA is starting to openly lean more and more into collectibles and give their customers something like this. I can see One Piece fans signing up just for this card.

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Mine finally arrived yesterday. I enjoyed flipping through it with my coffee this morning. Pikachu edition for me.


Looks like it was fished out of a dumpster. Already at $660 USD.

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Absolutely wild. Curious how many of those bidders are legit

Thanks for reaching out to PSA Customer Care!

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received your Pokemon Pop Culture/TCG magazine. Luckily, we have an extra one left that we will send you as a courtesy.

Yay. I’m a little confused at the wording though, I see this less as courtesy and more of - this is what my subscription fee goes towards :sweat_smile: . Either way, happy to hopefully get it soon.


Same. I never got one and they fedex me a replacement so realistically lost the shot at charizard cover.

I only get like 1/3 of the magazines anyways no clue why. So im gonna cancel in july and let my local middleman deal with my psa subs going forward.

So what sort of content is within the magazine? I’m curious what it uses for material.

Yeah can someone post scans of this April/may magazine for the relevant pokemon sections?

This one seems to focus primarily on Pokemon, with a single article on Dune trading cards.

Here’s the first issue in it’s entirety.


You gotta wonder what the point of the dune article was :joy:

It’s somewhat relevant since Dune part 2 had recently released to critical and financial success. It’s kind of neat to read about obscure TCG’s I’d never collect myself.

Mine finally came. Should I send it into cgc for the 8.5?