PSA : Expectation vs reality

Anyone ever think they deserve a certain grade and it just bombs ?

  • Pack fresh cards, no visible damage on edges or corners or holo, centering excellent, and gets a 9…

  • Send in a bunch of rare cards with 1 crap card and the 1 crap card gets the 10.

  • Send in another bunch of rare cards with one shining, all get a 9, yet the shining gets the 8.5

Seen so many PSA 10 cards that have much more damage than 9s.

Has anything changed? What am i missing lol

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Already posted this in another thread, but anyways with how fast PSA flies through cards, I feel like this is actually how they grade stuff nowadays lmao. Gotta get through that backlog some way


It’s just part of the game

Which is why the majority of my stuff is bought already graded in the grade I want. Sometimes the winning move is not playing the game


My thought exactly! I think sometimes people don’t fully value the safety in purchasing an already graded card. No guessing game!


I find the consistently within an order is there but the consistency between orders is not. Which makes sense since its different graders.

Some orders you’ll be bummed about and some you’ll be really happy with. Just the name of the game.

P.S. one thing I’ve noticed a lot lately is they like giving the token PSA 10 grade to the lowest valued card in a submission. Its anecdotal but that seems like the one consistency between all my orders.

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So you hardly hit 10s lately? And the one you do get is on the cheapest card?

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@mcorey777, that’s correct.


Yep 100%. Its almost like a big fat F - U to give the cheapest card the 10.

Driving me crazy because the crap cards in worse condition getting better grades than the better cards in much better condition

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