PSA/DNA Pokemon autograph authentication is in a bad place

Just had Miki Tanaka, Shibuzoh and Gemi cards successfully (and correctly) authenticated by PSA. Fingers crossed on my other order.


Turnaround time on some MTG autos. They really stuck to that May 13, 2024 estimated completion date. :roll_eyes:

Has this shit ever been sorted or does PSA still have their heads firmly embedded up their asses? Been sitting on a stack of signed cards I was hoping to get slabbed for nearly 6 months now.

I’m not sure about Pokemon autos, as I’ve recently been submitting MTG.

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I’ve talked to some people that have submitted and have received there cards back graded successfully. Also the autos they were submitting were not common like Arita or Harada, so that’s a good sign imo

Also in the video that was shared, Nat Turner did say two new experts were hired.

I sent a submission in a couple days ago, so hopefully that get authenticated successfully as well.