PSA/CGC Cert to Ebay Listing Creation Tool - The LEGEND PFM with the UI upgrade

Hello I am Deej a small time Pokemon Store owner, first post on e4, always had respect for the prestige and knowledge of e4 and its members but never taken the dive in.

Anyways I made an automation tool to create Ebay Listings from PSA or CGC cert numbers grabbing pictures and what not, and the legend himself @pfm found the tool in the depths of discord. I check the logs of my tool and there are many users a day, however he is one of 3 people ever to hit the donate button. I messaged him to thank him and ask for suggestions, he let me know who he was and gave me some well thought out suggestions, including some UI recommendations. I am engineer that writes ALOT of code, however creativity and artistic talent is nowhere in my genes. I made the changes he suggested about the inner workings of the tool, however said it would take me some time to upgrade the UI. He volunteered his own skills and time to help me out. He quickly made it much more clean, intuitive, and professional.

For anybody that wants to check out the Listing Tool and AWESOME UI UPGRADES feel free, but the real reason for my post is to show appreciation.

So thank you @pfm I am sure people here know your kindness and talent already, but I wanted to publicly THANK YOU.



Welcome, thanks again for the tool. I just made the mistake of opening it on mobile right now and wow it might need different css lool. It’s not really a tool that’s useful on mobile though so probably doesn’t matter

Desktop is looking good though


Haha thanks for the welcome, ya dealing with csvs and ebays website on mobile is toxic anyways, def a PC browser tool.



In related news I just picked up this $15 barcode scanner and it works great on graded cards


:eyes: Ooh this would be perfect for somebody that just wants to list a bunch of old random cards not just a range. I may have to snag one.

the creator of the tool is a legend


Seems like a great tool for eBay sellers thank you for sharing the platform! I’m not a seller myself, but what happens after your entries generate the excel download. Do you then upload that to EBay and it automatically populates the description?

PFM is pretty cool too.

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Thank you! Yep eBay has a mass upload option in the seller portal, it creates drafts and then you can use their bulk editing tool to quickly prep them all to list live. I created an amateur YT video to show how to do it which is linked at the top of the tool’s webpage.


This is super helpful. Thank you for sharing! The tools I’ve run into before this were prohibitively expensive (I’m not going to pay $1/card for listing credits lol) so this is an awesome find. The combo of the barcode scanner also is super interesting. Love to see this type of thing being made.

Just donated!


Glad to hear it’s going to help a few people out on here, thanks for the support! Any suggestions throw them my way.

FYI thanks to the testing from @Tapp the CGC lister is updated and working again for anybody that tried to use it while there was an issue. Keep in mind I am not a dealer for them so I do not get api access so it’s more than 10x slower than the PSA side of the tool.

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Just put out a PSA Fix!

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