PSA and centering

When I see stuff like this, I’m left scratching my head. Is there any way this falls within the realm of 60/40? Do you think this was a mistake on PSA’s part? Finally, how much could an obvious issue/blemish on a gem mint 10 detract from the normal value of the card?
Evolutions Pidgeot Full Art PSA Gem Mint 10

I feel like that one slipped through~

It is iffy that is why when you can always buy the card not the grade, especially with centering as that is usually the only thing that you can pick up on.



Am I missing something from the OP?

Did you hit the link?

What link mate? Can’t see any.

Can you see this one?

These are sickening. Maybe these guys know the graders on a personal level, ooo the ethical dilemma.

My mate just sent a pidgeot in that looks exactly like the one linked, he isn’t expecting a 10 and doesn’t mind getting a 9 but it will be interesting to see the discrepancy in grade that psa gives.

He will upload it once he gets it back from PSA :blush:


Love it when my card gets referenced for these posts haha.


The graders have no clue which cards belong to which members. It’s been set up that way on purpose.

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I’d have to see the M Pidgeot closer before I jumped the gun. It looks possible to be 60/40.

That Meowth though…

Me three, haha!