PSA Adds Free ‘SecureScan’ Service Option

Saw this today when checking my PSA Order:

Brief Summary: “The new imaging feature, which launched on the company’s website on May 10, 2019, involves taking front and back scans of PSA-encapsulated items with high-resolution scanners and making those images available on the PSA website. At present, the benefit is available to all customers across five different levels of service including Super Express, Walk-Through, Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Elite. This is a significant step to help collectors with security measures as well as marketing opportunities for their collectibles,” said PSA President Steve Sloan.”

Is this really an efficient security measure? What your opinions on this topic?


I’m not suggesting they are planning on doing this, but this is the first step needed to train machine learning algorithms to grade cards.



Well we’ll have an exmaple here shortly since my Trophy Kang just was finished being graded today, and I sent it in on a Super Express.


I hope it graded well! Share with us the example when its out, if you dont mind!

the day machines grade our cards, PSA 10 would be really hard to get. And BGS black labels would be near impossible.

A properly trained machine learning algorithm would grade very similarly to a human, since it’s being trained using examples generated by humans. The difference is it will probably have a significantly higher level of consistency.
I don’t want to turn this thread into a discussion about machine grading though. It was just the first thing I thought of when I saw this.


Seems to be post-grade as they plan to scan it when the card is encapsulated.

Really can’t see a downside with this new policy besides it increases the labor so maybe the cost. Then again, if you can use those pics for a listing it takes away a little listing time.

I actually think that machine supported grading should be a thing, stuff like silvering or centering can be much better graded by a computer and you would take out some more of that subjective component.

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In order to not discredit 25 years of grading results they would program the machines using the original, long standing parameters. Silvering has always been for the most part, overlooked. They couldn’t change that and maintain their consistency and reputation.

Here’s an example of the updated service.


Pretty awesome


I like it! Congrats on the awesome grade too!


I always wanted them to do this and am definitely a fan.

Awesome grade! Congrats :blush:

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That is so sick! Nice card as well.

PCGS has been doing this for awhile now, just one more thing they’re bringing over to the PSA side of things.

I’m all for it.

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Fantastic contribution @swolepoke

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