PSA 10 Neo Gen Lugia or Gold Star Rayquaza

I’m probably not the best person to offer advice on the topic to be completely honest. But to me it’s paying for vanity and not something tangible

Give gen 3 kids some time and the true scarcity of gold stars will become very apparent imo. Lugia has seen it’s day


I remember that time period very well. I watched it soar basically overnight.


Hmph all you young whippersnappers just don’t appreciate the cultural significance of Lugia in the best Pokemon Movie of all time, Movie 2000. Also on a tangent I’m still fuming about the Shining Lugia card from SL. Wtf were they doing.

This was the caveat of my vote for Lugia - if it were a virtually perfect card (no print lines) then it’s no contest. Otherwise if it’s a mis-graded 10 then I’ll go for Rayquaza.

I missed the poll, but as most said, it would be Rayquaza :goldstar: for sure! As a kid I fell in love with Lugia the moment I got a Lugia topper on some bubble bath, haha. It has always been one of my favorite Pokemon, but from a card perspective I’d much rather have a PSA 10 of an iconic card in one of the most sought after chase variants ever than a card whose value is massively inflated due to conditional rarity.


Lugia’s hands are a crime against humanity. I love Lugia a lot and collect the species, but looking too closely makes me die a little inside. :nauseated_face:

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I like Lugia’s hands, it’s like the inside of a whale flipper. :whale: :bone:



Bigger hands mean better slaps versus other opponents during battle. :pikahappy: