Psa 10 masaki gengar??

Hey all,
Has anyone got one or seen one? Or do they even exist?
All I can find for sale is a psa 9.
If anyone knows of one or can point me in the right direction it would be muchly appriciated!!

Thanks in advance, andrew

Dang not what I wanted to hear haha! Might have to sell the 1st ed zard to fund my gengar fetish then haha!
If one ever pops up could someone let me know please :blush:
One of my grails haha.
Thanks, Andrew

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Thanks for the help mate :blush:

I’m also working on this set. Just expect a lot of competition if a Gengar ever goes for sale. For the most part I would expect all of these psa 10 masakis to stay with their current owners. It’s disappointing but the set is very desireable in psa 10. Worse yet, grading them is a nightmare.
However, there is hope! Just in the last year or two quite a few have been graded 10. The numbers have def gone up a couple for each card.

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