PSA 10 Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam progress list

English (Abra = 1 left Alakazam = 4 left)

English Abra,Kadabra,and Alakazam

Alakazam 1/102 (shadowless) (1st edition)

(Mysterious Treasures)
Abra 69/123 (reverse holo) PSA 10 pop report status: (0)
Alakazam 2/123 (reverse holo) PSA 10 pop report status: (0)

(Crystal Guardians)
Alakazam 99/100 PSA 10 pop report status: (72)

Japanese (Alakazam = 3 left)

Japanese Abra,Kadabra, and Alakazam

Alakazam (Masaki Promo)

*looking to buy UED awakening psychic king xy boxes*
Alakazam EX 080/078 Awakening Psychic King (UED)

Pokemon 151 Enhanced
Abra 63/165 (normal, pokeball, masterball)
Kadabra 64/165 (normal, pokeball, masterball)
Alakazam EX 65/165
Alakazam EX 190/165
Alakazam EX 203/165

Alakazam Spirit Link 229/XY-P (got replacement)
if anyone seen psa cert 26835822 that probably stolen

(editing still in progress…)

Hello :blush: I have some of them in psa 10
Send me a message if interested

updated… still looking for pcg-p energies and alakazam. Possible replacement for dark metal energy.

I have some of the gym challenge promo energies from this era at psa. Some cool artworks here for sure.
Love this Era!

still looking for pcg-p energy and alakazam, please let me know.