PSA 10 1st Ed. Base Set Mewtwo

Anyone know what one of these is worth?

I normally get from 575.00 to 650.00. Recently in the high end.

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Ok, thanks man :blush:

How hard is it to grade 1st ed base holo 10s? I’ve always wondered about the high prices and put it down to how old they are plus the fact they are 1ed but do they grade badly and that’s why they command the high prices?

yeah centering was a big issue, plus factory scratches


Centering, holo scratches, foil shining through the edges, all common on 1st edition base cards straight from the boosters which is why the really nice ones fetch big $$$$

Ah right, so like 8s out the pack are sort of expected? Not that you will ever catch me cracking open 1ed base boosters haha.

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Some of the problem was people kept those early sets in binders and now, after 16 years, they’ve degraded a bit. Especially Mewtwos were affected being the #10 card in the binder.

Charizard also, being #4 right next to the binder ring is never a good thing…