price of this promo bulbasaur

so i was looking for a price for this bulbasaur, but i couldn’t find even 1 copy of it

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It’s the CoroCoro promo version of Erika’s Bulbasaur. Not exactly rare per say but at the same time it’s not always up on ebay. I’d estimate it to be worth no more than 10 bucks on its own. You could probably find it in bulk lots of CoroCoro promos for a much better value if you have any plans on buying any of the other cards. Here’s my supplementary set of Gym-related cards that were never printed in English / had different artwork (most of them are CoroCoro promos):

From my personal experience, the Giovanni’s Nidoking is the rarest/most expensive of the bunch to find in NM/M condition; mine set me back around $20.



I remember seeing Elam have one in his Coro Coro lot he was selling a few days ago. Not sure if it sold but ask him.

$8-10, if you’re interested, I have a lot of coro coro promos up for sale. Giovanni’s Nidoking ranges from $10-15

Ive got one for you if you want, have the complete coro gym set! Love m

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