price of alph lithograph and rarity

so i pulled 2 alph lithographs from 11 booster packs. after i’ve done some research i founded out that they only appear once every 2 booster boxes. is this true? and what is one of these cards worth?

The ones from HGSS era? If so, the go for a couple bucks apiece on ebay. From what I remember from my pulls, they are pretty rare though.

+1^ $4 each is the going rate on ebay

I’d keep rather than sell at that price. They are quite rare.

Those japanese ones are great, tehy have a special layer (relief).

The english ones also have a special layer :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they look the same? Because looking at the different sr meowths (with the golden thingy) between japanese and english i would think the liths would be different as well.

i prefer the Japanese. Looking at reprinted legendary birds, bw sr pikachu, sr meowth, shiny sr etc