Price of a few Collector's Lots

Hi! I would to hear your estimates on the value of the following lots. Assume all cards are in English and Mint/NM condition.

~All 1st Ed. Base Set Holos
~All Neo Shinings (Both 1st ed and Unlimited)
~All E-Series Crystals (Both Holo and RH)
~All Gold Stars



Check the Completed Listings on eBay for prices, that is a pretty hefty list.

Also the short answer to your requests is: A lot.

Yeah, those items can have large ranges.

yeah cards of this caliber need to be judged on a case by case basis, the difference between NM and mint for a couple of these cards is hundreds to thousands of dollars

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There has been an nm shining unlimited set up for just over £190 on ebay with postage makes it up to just over £200 for quite a while, I have seen a nm/mint within the past 2/3 months go for around £250 though. Hope this helps.

I know I can check these cards individually using Ebay’s sold listings, but I’ve never seen them being sold as a lot…I guess my question would be: is the price of each lot just the sum of it’s components, or will there be a positive/negative effect one the value if one was to sell them as a complete collection?
@woolsluk: Thanks! that helps.

positives of selling a complete set;
-appealing to people wanting the set of cards right now, no messing around
-can mark the price up depending on the scarcity of the cards in the set

negatives of selling a complete set;
-sits for a while
-shuts out most of your customers which want to purchase single cards
-sits for a while


Sell them individually - you won’t get nearly as much as a lot. People buying lots aren’t as likely to need/want everything included, therefore they’re not willing to pay as much.