Price of 1999 Tropical Wind Japanese Promo

I was just wondering if anyone knew what sort of price range is reasonable for the first Japanese Tropical Wind promo from 1999? Is $1000.00 around the high end of that range or is that too much to pay for one? Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Agree with Haze, fair price is around $400. I didn’t see any sales in 2012 but in 2011 I recorded 28000 JPY (YJ, July), 405 USD (ebay, May) and 184 GBP (ebay, February).

Yikes well I just bought one for $800.00, Not complaining, the seller was really nice and I love the artwork!

Well they should be if you pay that price :blush: Don’t feel bad, people have paid more for one back in the day. Sometimes when you really want something the price is irrelevant!

My thoughts exactly, I don’t feel bad, I wanted it and I’m happy I now have it!

I think I paid around $500 for mine a few years ago. I would say $800 is a bit much, but as long as your happy!