Price Check: PSA CoL Crosshatch Holo Energies

Hello! About to send in my first psa submission and trying to build up 100 cards, was wondering what the value of psa 9-10 Call Of Legends league promo energies is? I have all 8 of them and they should all grade 9-10, looks like they’re extremely low pop and there’s no listings on ebay, anyone have any input on whether they’d be worth grading or not? Or just general idea of price point?

In my opinion, you should only get ones you are believe have a strong shot at a 10, I don’t think PSA 9 will sell well or be worth your time/money…

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Okay thanks for the input! Honestly I’m probably gonna send 'em in anyways, even if they won’t sell for much I’d kind of like them for my personal collection, and they’ve got super low pop so I won’t be able to buy them anywhere! Even in PSA 9 I think it’d be a cool set :blush:

They’re low pop because they’re pretty worthless graded to be honest. Their value comes from TCG players wanting them for their decks, and you can’t play with graded cards.

If you want to grade them because they’re awesome looking (and they are) then by all means, but if you’re looking to increase value then you definitely won’t even if you do manage a 10.