Price check on Sealed Japanese Gold gift pack

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I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on what a sealed Japanese Gold gift Pack Box is worth these days ?
I am referring to the item found in this video link
And furthermore the price of a sealed Japanese base set 104-01 deck box is worth ?
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Would say priceless as the next related video show that the base set decks/boxes contain no rarity cards.
Not to say they all would contain no rarities but there is a change.
Latest sold on Mercari 800.000 JPY is around 7500 USD :blush:

For the sealed Japanese base set 104-01 deck box. Asking/bid price around 1000 USD / Buy 1500 USD

A 104-01 is worth a lot more than 1000usd, I don’t even think you can get the 104-0061 version for that anymore.

I said buy 1500 USD

or bid as from 1000 USD

Yeah that’s a 104-0061 deck


Shizzle @shizzlemetimbers this the one you refer to?

I own one. What do you think the current market value is?

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@majomaal , Good question! I actually am not sure what a 104-01 could bring in today’s market, one sold for $2820 in August

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Thanks for the responses @majomaal and @shizzlemetimbers I really appreciate the links, info and your time.
It was actually my friend who bought the Gold box on Mercari (I know it has a tear) and I was a little worried they had over paid for it. However considering the items rarity, what you have said above and the recent price hike, I think the price he paid was fair and the opportunity to purchase it very rare.


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If I’m not mistaken. That box has a very high chance if not almost certainty of no rarity cards.

I would be opening it lol. The cards in that box could be worth 200k or more if graded.

I think the chances are higher with that box than even short packs and the decks with the right numbers.

Please please. Do a livestream or upload a video if he does open it :grinning:

@r2d287 , Not true unfortunately I have seen more instances of them being opened containing rarity than no rarity. However the sample is small. It has a decent chance compared to a random 104-01 or short pack because it is the only Pokemon item that is limited to a 1996 release

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Ahhhh I stand corrected^

I feel like I should know this lol. Since they are all I collect at the moment.

There is so much mystery around them, I love it.

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For the amount of no rarity holos in existence, there has to be a large source for them especially deck boxes. Given that none has been pulled from packs and only from decks, each holo represents one deck box. That is a lot of NR decks that were opened back then. Since there are only 2 sources of deck boxes, one from the deck case and another from the Gold Gift Pack, it is more than likely that NRs came from these Gift Packs almost exclusively.

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That was my thinking as well^

@chok, Incorrect I have an opened short pack box that contained no rarity cards, it was listed on YJ along with a large amount of non holos consistent with the quantity you would except to pull. Also my article on NR is pretty solid research as to why they come from both packs and decks.

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Thread is solid. Well, back to NR being mysterious.

The only video proof we have of NR coming out from any sealed product is from the gold gift pack. However there might be later runs which only consist of Rarity cards which might make the gold gift pack a gamble for NR cards at best.

Holy cow. You pulled NR from a short pack?

What cards have you pulled?!! That would be a dream

The listing was an opened short box with hundreds on non holos, the seller had previously listed the holos separately. The lot was originally bought by Pokesyn. Sadly I didn’t save the pic of the lot but I might have it somewhere