Power Rangers

Pokemon has been my main obsession since it came to the States in 1998, but one other franchise with Japanese roots that captured my heart at even earlier age is Power Rangers. Power Rangers is currently on its 20th/21st season, and in the new season this year, which adapts Japanese footage from Super Sentai’s 35th season Gokaiger, the current team of Rangers gains the ability to morph into the suits of every older Power Ranger. Because of this, and because my boyfriend and I have been watching the series from the beginning on DVD throughout the last year, I put my Pokemon TCG collecting on hold to try to get an action figure of every single Power Ranger or Ranger-like ally. Here is my progress so far:

It’s Morphin Time! (Missing: Billy)

Go Go Power Rangers! (Missing: Blue and White Rangers)

Ninja Ranger Power! (Missing: Ninjor and the Alien Rangers)

It’s Morphin Time! Power Rangers ZEO!

Shift into Turbo! (Missing: Phantom)

Let’s Rocket!

Go Galactic! (Missing: Pink)

Lightspeed Rescue! (Missing: Yellow)

Time for Time Force!

Wild Access!

Ninja/Thunder/Samurai Storm, Ranger Form! HA!

Dino Thunder, Power Up! HA!

SPD, Emergency! (No official Kat or Nova Ranger figures exist. :slightly_frowning_face:)

Magical Source, Mystic Force! (No official Mystic White or Gatekeeper Figures exist. :slightly_frowning_face:)

Overdrive, Accelerate!

Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed! (Missing: Wolf, Rhino, Shark, Jarrod and Camille.)

RPM, Get in Gear! (Missing: Gold and Silver.)

Go Go Samurai! (Missing: Female Red, Blue, Green and Pink.)

It’s Morphin’ Time! Go Go Megaforce!

It’s fascinating to me even as an adult because I never had the flip head figures as a kid! I just got them within the last month, and have Blue (and a non-broken Red) coming in the mail. It’s a really interesting idea that they should have done more because the civilian aspect is a major part of the show that the toyline rarely reflects. Granted, the proportions of those early figures are terrible compared to later ones to compensate for the flipping feature…

I’m all about the mega zords :blush: Lately some friggin awesome remakes have been coming out:

Super Robots mega zord

Soon to come: Legacy Dragonzord

I was never much of a Zord person, myself. My mom did get me the Shogun Megazord when I was a kid and I still have it, although I greatly preferred the Ninja Megazord back then and even now. And that was my one Zord set, unless you want to count the ones that came with the McDonald’s movie and Lightspeed Rescue toys, lol.

Cool, I love power rangers and I am psyched for the pirate ranger or the new sentai (legacy) series. I want to get the Japanese dvd boxset, 3 main megazords and the armor red ranger (has extra armor, hands, etc- $17 at stores), plus little 4 inch pink ranger. Looking for armored mighty morphin red and green ranger.

Recently got the armored white ranger and (to my surprise) found a metallic 4 inch white ranger at walmart!

I also have been getting back out my older stuff - pulled out some remakes- chase super legends green and white Mighty morphin ranger, remake 4 inch pink mighty morphin, dino white ranger, and green samurai-ninja ranger.

I have a bunch of the old stuff through recent years. I mainly collected during mighty morphin power rangers, but then bought favorite zords or figures through the years. I especially like the wild force zords (have most) and the dino zords. Never did get an original megazord DX, but its on my wish list. Along with 1st dragon dagger, white alien ranger, and complete white wild force ranger. I did get the 2010 and 2013 legacy remakes of DX MMPR megazord - though neither are as cool as the original. Awesome thing is 97% of my collection I bought when it was new, and I still have all parts and pieces. The others I found later at yard sales OR bundled with pokemon/dragonball toys because some people Can NOT tell the difference in pokemon, yugi-oh, dragonball, or power rangers! Lol.

I may take some pics if I get this large container of power rangers stuff out soon. Most of my power rangers stuff is hard to get to in storage, but I still have it.

White Alien Ranger! I would love a figure of her. Other than the Super Megaforce figures, that’s the only team where I have figures for nobody, not even Ninjor who came from the same Sentai as the Alien Rangers did. Frustrating because: a) I have all of the other Red Rangers as figures and Red Alien is blocking the completion of that color and b) Kakuranger is the one Sentai I’ve watched the furthest, so I’d love to get figures of the Alien Rangers for that reason too (White and Black are my favorite two in the Sentai).

Samurai and Megaforce’s figures are already murdering my OCD because they’re at a 4" scale when all of the previous seasons average 5.5 inches, too. They’re actually about the same size as the MMPR movie figures that McDonald’s sold back in 1995, only with a lot more articulation. :confused:

I too am a little dismayed by the fact that so many power rangers figures are different sizes.

The MMPR 2010 4 inch figures are same scale as MCdonalds (that you mention) and the Megaforce and new pirate legacy series 4 inch figures. But then you have the 5-6 inch flip head figures, the armored DX figures -which are at least close to the original 8 inch line, and many other lines. At least the DX zords are usually on the same scale.

Up until MMPR 2010 they released at least one set of figures that was around 5.5 inches. True, the original figures were 8 inches but starting with wave 2 of MMPR with the flip head figures, they seemed to settle on 5.5 being the “main” scale with some deluxe larger 6.5-8" figures of the male Rangers and some smaller cheaper 4"ish figures to be included with vehicles. There were variations - some of the Dino Thunder or Junle Fury toys were closer to 6 inches - but they were consistent enough with it that nothing looked too out of place when placed next to each other:

The new Super Megaforce toys are exactly 5 inches so they’re not exactly the same scale but they can still blend in with the rest of MMPR-RPM without being too noticeable. But the MMPR 2010, Samurai and Megaforce toys are just TOO small for me. They come up to the chests of the 5.5 inch figures and they were scaled down so much that their arms are super flimsy and they’re just very fragile and tiny. Apparently Super Megaforce’s toyline is releasing a 5" Megaforce Red, so I hope eventually they’ll do both of the Samurai Red Rangers so they’ll all be close to the same scale…

Ranger War! (with *almost* everyone)

from the recent toyfair in Germany looks like we will be getting 5in for the rangers in samurai and megaforce so now they wont be too short to compare them all LOL.now if you had the prezyu teams then you can create the Great LEGEND WAR

nice collection, I have like a 300-400 wrestler collection, probably going to start selling them soon as I want to move back into pokemon (hence why I’m here) also have like one Mint transformers rare, and a few corgi’s lol

Megaforce Red and Roboknight 5" figures are already confirmed for the Super Megaforce line! Unfortunately I haven’t seen any evidence of a 5 inch Red Alien Ranger coming, and I think they’re doing only Jayden and not Lauren as a 5 inch figure too, so the Reds still won’t be quite complete unless you factor in the SH Figuarts or imported Kakuranger flip head figures (the American MMAR figures are 4.5" scale and ridiculously rare). It’ll also be frustrating IMO to have only a third of the Megaforce Rangers as 5 inch figures and the rest as 4 inch… >_>

we wont get an alien ranger thats very hard to even see.majority of the time as well alien rangers get shafted so much.if samurai red is a 5 in you kinda can complete the team and Lauren was only released in the UK atm sadly.the alien rangers/kakurangers and the battleborgs are one of the hardest things to complete I know since they were released very limited and the series was only 10 episodes.it maybe abit annoying seeing 2 teams are smaller than the rest but if they ever do that whole red ranger set like they did during overdrive then it would be ok otherwise jsut stick to ranger keys for a smaller odd set :grin:

lol they didn’t even do Aurico in that Overdrive set of Reds. They had like SPD SWAT Red in there instead. It’s so annoying to me that BoA wont acknowledge MMAR because Kakuranger is my favorite Sentai and I’m actually not a fan of the Ranger keys, particularly the American ones that are even smaller than the Japanese ones. (And they don’t even seem to be doing American Rangers that never got figures like Kat and Nova. I’d get keys of them for lack of an alternative.)

I did win a White Alien figure on eBay today though because the 4.5" MMAR figures are pretty good despite the smaller scale. She doesn’t have the plastic for her skirt anymore but that’s okay. I always wanted the female figures to have skirts back in the day but looking at recent figures that have the skirts at the expense ofmovable legs, I changed my mind…

the ranger keys is what i call “Plastic Crack” once you get a couple you will want them all :grin:.it does pain me the fact they dont acknowledge MMAR since even though it was a 10 episode arc the toys were very short lived and it sucks since I completed the battle borgs set but looking for the alien rangers to complete the team.the ranger keys even in japan they never made a dekaswan or dekabright anyways only a ranger key of swan that was it alot of the bangai heroes or those random ones we very rarely see in toy form even lucky to find it in a tcg form as well.the new SMF line there are some skirts that are softer so u can do better posing and some are the hard ones its hard to tell which is which sadly.

I dunno, the Ranger keys just don’t appeal to me. For basically the same price (because the Japanese ones are all imported, with some being quite rare, and the price point for the American keys is honestly ridiculous IMO), I can hop on eBay and pick up used-but-good condition action figures for almost any male Ranger, and even some of the females, rather than spending the same money on buying a miniature statue with no articulation, weapons, posability, etc. Being underwhelmed with the keys is actually what caused me to start buying figures again last month when I had last bought toys for Power Rangers in Space. Like I said, I’d be interested in keys for the female extra heroes because it makes no financial sense for BoA to make full blown action figures of those, but they skipped over Kat, Nova, Udonna and Clare for the keys as well.

I was surprised when I found out a couple of days ago that they did actually make a Magimother figure in Japan though. I hope I can get her eventually because that’s the only way I’ll ever get a White Mystic Ranger for my collection. I got my Blue, Green and Pink Samurai figures in today and I’m still waiting for my female Red Samurai import to come in from the UK.

for others they have appealed to them I know a good amount of people who have already dropped like at least 2 grand on getting every single key that has been released including the movie set and the latest akibaranger ones that just came out recently.they really just look nice on display thats about it.yes some keys have been pretty rare but the past few months they have died down abit in value.like dekaswan she was a good 100-120 for her now shes going down to about 50-60 so the ranger key for japanese keys are starting to go down which is good since alot of new fans that have watched gokaiger are now going nuts over them.if you just want female xtra hero keys only ones I know that are actually made are dekaswan,magimother and they did make the female shinken red key.I rather have them make a S.H.Figuarts out of Kat and Udonna more than anything since that will be a decent figure.

hope you also know they made magimothers phone as well.the only downsize to figures in japan is they dont have great articulation like what we get in the states.I know which magimother figure your talking about since I seen it many times while search for sentai items and I collect/review pr/sentai stuff the past few years.

Since they didn’t do Deka Gold, Deka Bright or Lunagel probably the only key I’d want is Swan, but not for $50-60. >_< I was hoping they’d do a key for her in America since they did one for Japan, but people hacked the Ranger key app and Kat wasn’t included. :slightly_frowning_face: I have my Lauren figure coming in the mail so I don’t need that key, and I’d try for the Magimother Japanese figure before her key too.

I had no idea until a few days ago that they actually made an action figure of freaking JENJI from Mystic Force but not one of Udonna. That’s kind of ridiculous. I know female Ranger figures don’t sell as well but… well, Udonna was at least a Ranger and was in every episode of Mystic Force. And is a female Ranger toy really less appealing than a giant goofy cat genie? lol Bandai makes funny decisions sometimes.

This is what I still need to have every Ranger or Ranger-like ally, for the Rangers that have figures:
-MMPR White (I have the 4" McDonald’s movie figure but don’t really count that)
-MMAR Red, Blue, Yellow and Black
-Turbo Phantom
-Lightspeed Rescue Yellow
-Mystic Force White
-Jungle Fury Wolf and Shark
-RPM Gold and Silver
-Super Megaforce Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Silver

My Lost Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force and Ninja Storm figures are all from the Power Ranger Heroes line so they’re either figures packaged with bikes with extra armor or they originally had weapons at the expense of articulation like my Lightspeed figures. Probably I’ll want to get show-accurate figures for those middle seasons but these are okay for now.

how bandai thinks is just odd since the series is aimed mostly at boys they always shaft the girls majority of the time like in a case of figures there is only like 1 of each girl if there are 2 girls on the team.magimother key isnt that expensive and the figure as well isnt too pricy but I just dislike the japanese figures since they barely have any articulation at all.only time they were pretty good was when they did the flip heads for kakuranger and ohranger.Udonna was in every episode but she only transformed into a ranger only a few times in the entire series same thing happened in magiranger as well.I kinda knew they wouldnt make a figure for gold since she was there for like a few seconds transformed,bright was just there for 1 episode and lunagel while she was there for a good amount I dont think a figure was wise since she wasnt a big main part in the series as much as like Wolzard.MMPR white your best bet if u want the cheaper route is try to find the super legends white ranger.for the super megaforce just get the 6 pack thats gonna be out soon :grin:

Yeah, the Super Megaforce Rangers are probably going to my boyfriend’s birthday present to me. I’ve not so subtly indicated that if he can’t afford all five Rangers, that’s totally okay but try to get PINK AND YELLOW first. :wink:

I’ll try to get the Armored White Ranger from the Super Mega line too, but later because it’s kind of expensive on eBay right now and my stores were wiped out of Ranger figures last time I went. Even my Target was totally wiped out of EVERY Super Megaforce figure. >_>

Articulation is less important than scale for me so I would be okay with getting the Magimother figure, but the only ones on eBay right now are $40+ so mehhh. And yeah I know Udonna only morphed a few times in MF but she was still a major character whereas Jenji really… wasn’t. Or like how they made Evil Space Alien figures of Kakuranger monsters that were never even used in MMPR, haha.

How many times did Swan morph in the Sentai? I think only twice, whereas Kat only got to morph once? So they probably could have made the other Deka extra girls if they really wanted.