Potential Nostalgia Sets

I was going to put this in the Evolutions thread but I thought it deserved it’s own discussion.

With the overwhelming success of the CP6/Evolutions Set, do you think that now Nintendo may think to bring out some more nostalgia sets inside the SM block…

A Fossil/Jungle nostalgia reprint set?
A 3rd Team Rocket Set?

I am guessing they think 2-3 sets into the future and have the 2nd and 3rd SM sets in the planning stages, so there is time to capitalize.

I somewhat expect something similar to XY Base & XY FlashFire to occur with regards to the big 3. Give Charizard its own set (Evolutions) & let the other two take a set on their own. Charizard can carry its’ weight, however Nintendo probably thinks the other 2 need each other. In short, I hope another Evolutions-like set comes out with the other two.

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On another note, I was doing a bit of research on speculative sets like Jamboree, LC 2 and one more. It appears that at least one of the sets likely exists in some capacity with former WOTC employees. It’s my understanding Nintendo blocked their release, but do we really believe these sets were destroyed? We’ve seen some cool stuff come from former employees. There’s no way these sets/promotional materials were completely destroyed. Any knowledge confirming this or these items whereabouts? #originalreprintnostalgia

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I vote they wait until the 25th to do more sets. Nintendo seems to do what wants to do and not what will maximize profits.

nintendo’s marketing strategy


Just no more charizards. Please.


Would love the return of old mechanic for more than one set(Looking at you dual typing). Maybe the return of delta species or crystal pokemon.

I would love for a jungle reprint to have the original venusaur reprint and a fossil reprint with the original blastoise. I feel each pokemon would be fitting for each set since they didn’t reprint them for the 20th anniv.

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This seems feasible, especially considering they are not in the 20th anniv set!

I think that’s a good shout, I could definitely see it happening,

I personally would love a brand new rocket set,

Love the original and love Rocket Returns & Rocket Remastered would be a cool set!

They need to give us another Gym focused set. :laughing:

A reprint of the 3 Jungle Eeveelutions would be $

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The xy sets the only block that doesnt have a main set with no owner’s pokemon so I think we are due a gym set of some kind. Just thinking on the gym sets we had in WOTC, Aqua and Magma for ADV rocket’s and holon’s for PCG, all those weird DPT era mechanics like team galactic, FB, GL and C etc and finally team plasma for BW.

Skull Set, let’s go.

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Team skull vs aether :blush:


I think they need to show second gen some love and reprint the 1st or 3rd neo set, but I doubt that’ll happen. I will love any nostalgic reprint set though. What I like about yugioh is the constant reprints of awesome nostalgic cards.

Not really interested in seeing more nostalgia sets considering I own the originals, but that’s just me.

Unless they do something really out there and make a “we’re sorry people outside of Japan never got these cards”-type of set. But then they’d need more than one of those anyway since we’ve missed so much stuff over the last 20 years.

The more I think of this idea the better it starts to sound.

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Absolutely! Are you a Neo series fan too?

I don’t remember opening many neo packs as a kid, but I absolutely loved the cards. I would love to be able to experience opening packs from a reprint set. Once I finish buying singles for my gym heroes/challenge collection, I’m gonna start working on the neo sets.

I just finished Team Rocket, Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge all in 1st editions. Looking forward to completing Neo Series. It is my favorite series but I had refused to finishing it due to the nostalgia lol. Keep us updated man! :grin: good luck!

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