Possible to get PSA card photo from PSA using cert number?

Hey guys, I’m trying to create a program which would take a card photo as input and tell us how good its centering is in pixels. Essentially, it’s just automating what many of you already do using photoshop or other image processing softwares. I’m trying to get some PSA photos for testing purposes, do you guys know how to get a PSA card’s photo from PSA official website using its cert number? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I don’t think psa stores the images of every cert number as far as i know. Are you trying to automate the process of gathering these images based on cert number?

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To obtain a photo from PSA’s website is very simple. Although you can’t use any cert number, as they never used to scan older cards. Also, I believe SecureScan is only available for 5 levels of service. Super Express-Premium Elite. So top-tier cards.

I’ve used a cert number of a recently scanned trophy as an example.

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