Pokémon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration

I was watching the pikachu stamp promo pretty closely for a while after release. The sealed pack of of the 2 promos was selling for like maybe 150ish or something and slowly raised over a few weeks and peaked at around 220. As interest died down the card lowered a bit to around I think 180 or so before it slowly began raising again over time. So it dropped by about 20% from its peak value during the initial fomo period. For context, that sealed promo pack a little over 2 years after release is now worth 400 and the pikachu is 500 in a psa 10 (a much easier card to grade than this pikachu btw).

For the PSA 10 version of this card (the van gogh promo) to be worth less than half of the the current price of the card raw would be insane to me assuming no more cards are released. That would be an 85% decrease in value of current psa 10 prices. I just don’t see that happening without another huge release of this card and even then I’d be surprised.

I’m sure prices will settle and decrease a bit early next year as the fomo phase wanes but in short I think people under over estimate fomo hype. This is not a set card that can be printed to demand over the course of a couple years or more.

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is that in ebay? ultimately the transaction go through a bank account/credit card… it’s easy to trace the seller…ebay/pokemon takes fakes very seriously , they will for sure open a criminal investigation. Fakes in general undermine fundamentally the trust of buyers on this platform.

Now when it comes to buying this card, this will be reprinted early next… please, just be patient and stop buying this card for over $80 in the open market where you will fall prey to scammers and scalpers…

Yes that’s ebay. I followed the previous reply and went to search for the seller’s account.

Yes I agree with you this pikachu promo will fall in price eventually. It’s not really rare, easily gotten as long as you walked thru that museum.

I’m busy with work, if not I would fly a plane there and walk thru the museum until I got 50 copies. The museum staffs don’t even care if you got the answers correct on the questionnaire. As long as you’re there, you will get the promo.

Why do we think print runs for promos are less than print runs for set cards?

Just curious because for the most rare tier for a modern set card, it could theoretically have a 60,000 print run. Are they really making promo runs fewer than that amount?

I think the Stamp Box was meant to have 100,000 copies at least - could be fewer if people didn’t redeem or whatever they were meant to do to get it made.

They could theoretically but I highly doubt it. The umbreon vmax alt art has over 12,000 graded at psa and I believe over 4,000 graded between CGC and BGS. We can’t possibly know what percentage of umbreon vmaxes have been graded vs not graded but I highly doubt its anywhere near 25% of all of them graded which would make the total copies significantly more than 60k.

If were gonna talk print runs of set cards, all we can realistically do is speculate and my speculation is there are a lot more set chase cards printed than 60k.

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Hmm. I guess we could flip the question and ask, what would a minimum print run look like for a promo card at this time?

Would TPCi have planned for only 60k of Van Gogh being distributed at the museum and through the 3 PCs? That seems like a tiny amount.

Of course, we’re just spitballing numbers but a 100k minimum seems more likely.

This also goes for all the products they produce. Things on the easier to produce side like booster boxes, bundles, blisters would be in the millions but those boxes with figurines, jumbo cards and other random trinkets…how many are they really making?

Set cards almost always have more copies printed than promo cards. however i wouldnt be surprised that due to its popularity this card has 100.000+ copies printed.

Theres already 4.5k graded at just the priority tiers at psa. Thats 75 copies each day since release

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from what I did hear from museum employees. around 75k/100k were made for Van Gogh museum. and from the discord groups wave one pokemoncenter was 50/75k and the second got over 200k orders in a hour. but not everyone got.a promo so.

there should be around 10/25k promos left at least for the dutch rerelease next year

I love how ridiculous this is getting, and the Pokemon company is well aware of this, instead of helping with demand by printing it to the ground like they did with the Special Delivery Charizard, they’re just ignoring it completely.

well yeah its going to make them so much more money in the future, everyones going to buy a ton of product when the next promo happens whatever it is, just based on the performance of this because fomo

This was meant as a promo for a special event in collaboration with a museum, not some product meant to go on target shelves. Not everything needs to completely satisfy demand and that’s okay, especially with some special promos. The only reason this was offered in a way similar to the special delivery charizard was because the event with the museum didn’t work out and they needed to offload the rest of the promos meant to be distributed at the musuem.


We’re all well aware of the purpose of the promo, but the card was also offered online, just as the Special Delivery cards for, yep, a special event, so what’s the difference? None, there’s no difference.

Either way the poor planing from the PKMN company, paired with zero ways to circumvent scalping and the issue where they were shipping orders that qualified for the promo without it, are just leaving people with a sour taste in everyone’s mouths, it was a crap-show from the very beginning.

But parents will cry foul, they will whine, “What about the children? Isn’t Pokemon cards a chilld’s plaything?”


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For the record I found the qualifying child and sent them a copy.


Are there any good arguments why Pokemon hasn’t printed more of the promos to release with online orders on Pokemon Center?

It seems just like they can print money until the campaign is finished with the museum.

Is it just simply they have bigger fish to fry?

Seriously, there’s really a young kid out there who’s into Pokemon and Vincent Van Gogh?? :astonished:

How did that kid even know about Van gogh? I only know Picasso when I was a kid.

Well if you are Dutch (and even neighboring countries), the kids here are exposed to artworks by various Dutch painters. Van Gogh is just one of them. Aside from something formal in school, there are tons and tons of toys / puzzles where you have to re-create these famous paintings or color them etc. Not to mention school trips to different museums which are free for children. All of this is a very good environment for a child with affinity and enthusiasm about art to get exposed to works of these painters.



Great education system that focuses on art and food for the soul.

My country’s education system is… Haiz.

Starry Night is in the current syllabus, it just wasn’t during earlier times :wink:

Pokemon wants foam around it. otherwise they would have printed more.