Pokemon VS Rocket's Suicune misprint (?)

Hi there!

I recently purchased a Pokemon VS Japanese Rocket’s Suicune. You’ll notice in the top right corner a colour defect, a misprint of some sort. The reason you can for sure tell it is not colour fade is because the blue border remains intact.

I have heard that some people can use alcohol to remove the yellow and red hues, while maintaining the blue in tact. However, if you zoom in to the top-right corner, near the water energy mark you will see printer-streaks of yellow that gradually fade. You can also notice over the top edge of the card that the printer line is diagonally-downward, instead of straight.

I’ve attached image links (below) - hope this helps!


Yes it’s probably a misprint error, I think you can’t get a perfect work like the zoomed image using alcohol on the card.

That’s what I thought too. If this is in fact a misprint, what becomes of the rarity of this card?

I don’t know how rare it is (with the error). Personally I don’t like misprint/miscut cards.