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Batteries won’t leak out of your sealed games.

Not out of the games but into the sealed game from the cartridge

Batteries won’t leak out of your cartridge into your box.

Ah okay, that makes sense. I wasn’t sure if what I was reading was true

It’s not something that I’ve run into. It’s possible that improper storage (heat especially) may have contributed to the anecdotal stories that you’ve read before. But it’s not typical for cartridges to leak battery acid over time.

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Cartridges (with coin batteries like CR20xx)? No.
(Unless you pour water onto one which I seriously doubt you would do to a sealed game.)


The batteries in a cartridge will run dry and need to be replaced if you ever wished to use the game, but they won’t leak and damage anything as per the post above this. AA/AAA batteries in handheld console boxes run a risk, although I opened a 30+ year old Game Boy Pocket a year or two ago and the batteries were only mildly visibly corroded.

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Wanted to share my updated sealed Pokémon collection, mainly wata, but a couple high grade VGA. I think people are going to look back at this in 10 years and this will be an absolutely WTF picture, but only time will tell


Awesome collection, thanks for sharing. Anything you’re currently looking to add?

Shorter term, a 9.8 copy of each title. I am missing leaf green and fire red, and then upgrading the Crystal and maybe sapphire and emerald (the 90 red I am pretty confident is a 9.8)

Ultimately I want to have every variant of Gen 1-3 in 9.6 or better. I’m missing both red and blue solid esrb variants, and then upgrading my sandshrew red and blues to 9.6.

Probably will get all cardboard Pokémon games in 9.6 or better eventually.


Huge achievement made public this week accomplished by @hadoukenido ! A full main line gen 1-3 set in 9.8!

This is an absolutely insane collection, and very few will ever accomplish this.

It’s only 11 games, but with how scarce 9.8 cardboard is, this mini set would cost you a fortune. Even more impressive is how many first prints are included in this set!

As of watas last pop report update :
Red : 15 (13A++)
Blue : 9 (4A++)
Yellow : 11 (9A++)
Gold : 10 (3A++)
Silver : 6 (3A++)
Crystal : 2 (2A++)
Sapphire : 11 (4A++)
Ruby : 10 (3A++)
Emerald : 9 (6A++)
Leaf Green : 2 (1A++)
Fire Red : 4 (4A++)

When you further break down Gen 1 to first print :
Red : 3 (2A++)
Blue : 0 (0A++)
Yellow : 3 (1A++)


I scored a massive wata grade recently. This copy is about as mint as you can expect for a game that is 25+ years old. This was previously a VGA90, but it looked almost perfect, so I do think VGA was being hard on it.

This is a second print rattata version with the white E.

Currently the Mar 2024 wata pop reports have :

Sandshrew :
9.8A++ - x2
9.8A+ - x1

Rattata (white E):
9.8A++ - x5
9.8A+ - x1

Rattata (Solid E):
9.8A++ - x2
9.8A+ - x0

Of the 9.8A++ reds they were graded in these years:

20 - x2
21 - x4
22 - x1
23 - x2
24 - x1


Wow, what a time; I was able to land another monster! 9.8A++ pokemon yellow pixel! This is a first print yellow, and boy am I lucky to own this. Until recently this was a pop 1 first print, and this copy will make it pop 2!

Currently the Mar 2024 wata pop reports have :

9.8A++ - x1 (+1 new)
9.8A+ - x1

No E:
9.8A++ - x2 (+1 new)
9.8A+ - x0

Solid E 83%
9.8A++ - x3
9.8A+ - x1

Solid E 100%
9.8A++ - x2
9.8A+ - x0

Of the 9.8A++ yellows they were graded in these years:

20 - x0
21 - x2
22 - x3
23 - x1
24 - x2
(?) - x2


How is the general market? Are prices stable, on an uptrend, or on a downtrend? What’s the social media sentiment like?

Thanks as always!

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Low to mid market is definitely stable. Prices make sense and are usually somewhat predictable!.

High end still feels depressed from the high highs, but healthy. Those Covid boom prices are way out of whack.

The biggest change is that these games are going to end collectors vs speculators and dealers. Overall it’s a fun market to be collecting in now that the prices are back to earth!


Congratulations! Was this also another VGA crack out??

The seller has requested that I keep information private, so I can’t really share much about the history or the deal aside from that I own it lol

Gotcha. It sounded like you were the one who graded the Yellow copy, I guess that was incorrect.

9.8A++ red has arrived! One day I won’t be the only one posting here lol