Pokemon TCG Set Tier List Maker/Ranking: 1999 - 2020

I created a Tier list that you can complete. Every English Set from Base to Sun Moon Cosmic Eclipse is in there (+ the Japanese Exclusive VS Set).

It took quite a while to make, I wanted to do it because there was no good one yet :blush:. Have fun, I would love to see your List in here!



At some point all the sets started to look the same (I’m looking at you D&P/B&W), but overall that was surprisingly fun to do so thank you for this. :blush:

Really curious to see how others’ lists look!

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No Problem! Thanks for sharing your list :blush: glad to see Neo Destiny and Skyridge on top!

Ready to see nobody rank a set after 2009 above B rank despite some obvious classics in the making…


I had a lot of fun making this list. Would love to see one for Japanese sets if anyone has the time. :blush:


Thanks for making this! This was super fun looking back at all the different expansions through all the years

Damn it, you beat me to it lol


As always, my lists are objective.

Tiers are in no particular order.

S++ : Deoxys Space Fissure VS Movie Pack 2004

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Great idea! I had fun with it. Some of the sets all blended together.


I only listed sets I know well or collect, nor do I think neo revelation is a perfect set, it just sets the bar :grin:

Supreme victorieeees! Yes!

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I had a lot of fun filling this out. I only did about 40~50% of them as I really don’t know what came in all the other one’s that I left out, but as far as my favorites and the one’s that I disliked the most you can see are apparent in this (= but yeah! It was a lot of fun IMO!

Love this idea, thanks for making it! But I’m really perturbed about how low everybody is ranking Double Crisis… :sob: (Small set, great artwork, the return of trainer’s Pokemon - what’s not to love?!)

I excluded sets I’m not wholly familiar with. I have a bit of hatred for later sets that use copy/pasted Ken Sugimori artwork on plain backgrounds, I think it’s super lazy. My list is inspired by childhood nostalgia, peaks in my interest throughout the years, awesome artwork and overall card design. I hate XY Evolutions the most, lol.

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This was a lot of fun! Thanks for making this.

*Tiermaker covered: Ex Holon Phantoms and Ex Dragon Frontiers