Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow Version Variant Guide (Print Runs)

Is it safe to say that there are fewer 3rd prints out there? I’m assuming at that point fewer people were buying them since it was already overlapping with Yellow and later with Gen2. I also see less Black ESRB variants for sale on eBay. Still, people tend to prefer the first prints. Which is also an indicator of 3rd prints being harder to find. If nobody wants them, why are there so little copies for sale?

yes, but none of them are particularly rare besides the red text blue. black esrb wouldve been pretty late in the production cycle. i believe the rattatta print is technically the most common, but imo its better to have more of those than the sandshrew, esp at the current premium (e.g. sandshrew reds are going for almost 2x rats, i would just sell at that price and buy more rats)

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GREAT post! I wonder if there is a resource out there for Japanese releases as comprehensive as this one.