Pokemon on r/place

For April Fools day I think reddit came up with a pretty fun idea. 1,000 x 1,000 pixel blank canvas that redditors could each “place” a pixel on once every 5-10 minutes (cooldown time varied over the 72 hours that this was open). You could place on a blank space, or even overwrite a previous redditors “place”. There were battles waged and wars won and lost throughout the 72 hours that it was active. A lot of creativity, but in the end mostly bots controlling the early established designs already in place. It was pretty amusing to check in on a few times a day.

Pokemon were prevalent throughout and I placed a dozen or so colors over the previous 72 hours. All in defense of Pokemon, my alma mater, and the American flag.

Here is a time lapse of the whole thing.

Here is the final canvas. (zoom-able) You can search around and find tons of Pokemon related things.

Anyone else participate?


I mostly contributed to making the blue corner as massive as possible until people started covering it. Loved watching the German flag take over the French flag.


That OSU logo was trying so hard to not be erased lol

Yep. Proud to say that I helped out with the “Connection Lost” top left corner. This was awesome.


I personally helped with /r/Cubers. This was the end result:

Even though we managed to make a 1x1x1 and 2x2x2 in the end as well, the r/Cubers has been changed to r/Bubers… :sweat: Ah well, we tried.
And thanks for the video link. Rofl at Germany taking over the French flag, forcing them to move above it… :laughing: EDIT: @miraclegro already said this apparently.


lmao that’s absolutely hilarious, i only just noticed it cause you pointed it out.

Rs players I see.


Haha yeah they got the connection lost in the top left, also over on the right under under /r/greenlattice they were able to get “Buying gf”, max gold, a dds and a few other things.

Including an a q p. ; )


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