Pokemon older box, World Of Illusions?and value please

Hey guys just being nosey at the collection box releases and found this…anyone know much about it? What would it be worth sealed or not please? :blush:

Cheers!(havent seen a sold listing on ebay based on a quick search) also ive seen 2 so called variances…1 with call of legends boosters 1 with hgss triumphant*? does that mean one has been resealed/re packaged?

The above is the different one I found?seems resealed to me as the one on bulba etc has 2 call of legends and 1 hgss ud behind celebi??

Found the box on bulba :wink: 2am atm sooo thats my excuse aha

I have the Jumbo; I remember getting this box as a kid. I also have a Celebi Prime but it may not be necessarily the one from the box (I pulled so many Primes). The Jumbo is so goddamn expensive though and I’m not sure why.

The one on bulba has 2 call 1 hgss the one above has 3 hgss :confused: makes me feel its re sealed. Ive messaged the seller to ask. No idea on the jumbo price? first time ive seen this :stuck_out_tongue: I stopped collecting around 2002 ish I believe.

EDIT: I am hoping he just picked a stock picture that has been resealed aha

I have one of these, and yea its 2 CoL packs on the side, one undaunted behind celebi (just checked).

Fun fact, pretty sure celebi was a really good card in the tcg at the time, and when the box was released the price of celebi primes crashed alot