Pokemon Monopoly


Might be a good collectors item.

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If its with the 151 i might pick it up :stuck_out_tongue:

There is one available from the original 150 release.

It says in the article it will feature the Kanto region.

@smpratte - I had the original one when I was a kid, sadly I think it got thrown out long ago.

I had game as well when I was younger but I dont remember if it was the monopoly… You were able to get the Mewtwo at one point… thats what I remember

I believe you are thinking of This

I used to play it loads as a kid but don’t know what happened to it :confused:

I remember that game, but there was an actual Monopoly game as well.

Oh sorry the master trainer game was aimed at @pokeg.

Yeah I know about the monopoly, I have been looking out for one in good condition at a decent price for ages now aha.

That whole reading thing has failed me again! :blush:

I actually have that game but don’t remember playing it. Did anyone actually know how to play it? There were so many pokemon items released then it was hard to do them all.

Yeah, that’s the one I have and remember.

It’s soo awesome, used to play It a lot.

The Zelda monopoly would be interesting.

Can’t read the link

If it’s this one I’ll certainly take one:

I still have that master trainer game, pokemon monopoly, pokemon yahtzee, pokemon sorry, and 1 of the DVD games. Possibly others.

I sometimes get extras of the games, and they always sell fast (I don’t charge $60 like some ebay sellers do).

At the moment I have an extra copy of the sorry game.

There is also already a Nintendo mario monopoly. And a sonic the hedgehog version that I want. I love legend of zelda just as much as pokemon, and have the original US legend of zelda board game made in 1989. I will def get the zelda monopoly and the pokemon one coming out may just be a re-release of the original pokemon monopoly.

Zelda? Lol…

How much would you expect to pay for one of this? Thanks.