Pokemon Home

Anyone as excited as I am for this? Looks like there are 2 plans, one being free and the other “premium” one being $16 a year. Below is a picture of the differences between the two. The free plan looks nearly useless and I’m not sure why you would want to put Pokemon into Home if you can’t retrieve them. I’m predicting a lot of kids are going to be upset when they transfer a Pokemon into Home thinking they can get them back without paying a fee.

I have to look more into Home myself, but personally i dont have any feelings towards it currently. I never understood how Pokemon bank worked in general, and never really messed with it being i wasnt a huge player during the ds era games, but now in playing the Switch based ones as well as Go, im looking forward to what this will be able to offer players. Again, when i get that time ill do more research to expand my own thoughts and opinions, but anything pokemon related is a cause to gain some excitement to me!

I think at the very least the GTS sounds useful.