Pokemon events/shows calendar Europe

17 + 18 Feb 2024
Pokemonkelworld in Houten.
2 Days, many many vendors, gaming area.
2 Days of Pokemon

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This Pikachu looks creepy :smiley:


Updated once again, I am sorry for the long interval from last time.


Thanks for all the work in keeping the event calendar up to date.


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Still waiting for something huge here in Spain…!!


Start up something yourself, that’s what I did and many followed in my country.


We are preparing a small collector’s day - for a maximum of 30 people, for Sept/October 2024. Direct invitation, and hopefully it could be bigger following years. But nothing compared to events in UK/USA/Fr/Netherlands…

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A little update for Germany: German Card Show Frankfurt taking place again on August 31st and September 1st, Cardmadness Düsseldorf although sold out already on December 7th and the main reason I’m writing this comment, we have a new contender with TCGSPACE in Ingolstadt on November 9th and 10h claiming to be the largest TCG convention in Germany (although I personally doubt that claim for now).


I heard good things about Magic Con

Sold out before even finding it, and 9 months before show, to small maybe then?

They had 1630 tickets, I wouldn’t say it’s that small. But too small in the sense that there would have been demand for more tickets, yes.

Was thinking of small as in could sold more tickets, so asume not a very big site

Any recommendation for a show in Germany or else in Europe, hopefuly in august or later?

I don’t know if someone else posted this but if you are looking for card shows on the UK there is a handy website here: