Pokemon English Coin Checklist v2.1

Its a broken link because it is SEVEN years old


It probably still exists somewhere. It may have gotten lost in the transition (though I’m not sure how it was formatted? if it was just a link it would have carried over)

Tagging @credits will send them an email so it’s the correct thing to do here. Although if it still does exist, there’s a good chance it’s missing 6+ years worth of coins

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this just happens to be the only one i found really… if someone has one that you know of id love a direction

I’m pretty sure it was already unavailable on the old forum, iirc. The same applies to the google-drive link in @creditsEnergy Cards thread. Not sure if credits removed them accidentally or on purpose?

@NinetyTwo In the mean time, the coin list on Bulbapedia is pretty big and should get you started at least: Coin (TCG) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

I’m also tagging @joshius, since I know he was a big coin collector as well. Maybe he has a list somewhere?



Hi all. I have been inactive for quite some time. Think I may have something still on a storage hard drive but it will only be complete to a certain period because I sold my collection and stopped collecting. Will have a look later today after work.


Link is active for 30 days.
Contains an Excel spreadsheet and folder with images.
Images display in the spreadsheet via macros so they need to be enabled (no virus, please do not worry :wink:
There have been many coins released since I disbanded this project so if anyone else want to take it on, feel free!

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I came across a recent blog that is doing a fantastic job of documenting TCG coins from all regions. You can search by colour, holofoil, region, year, generation, size etc - it’s pretty amazing. They even have interactive 360 degree rotation images of each. Take a look: https://pokemoncoinfan.com

I was also reading the ‘what is pokemon coin?’ page, wherein a charming little interview is linked containing the sculptor of the TCG coins. I haven’t seen it shared on the forum and it is worth a read for those interested.


Very interesting interview, thanks for linking it!


Terrific website. I’m going to try to reach out to them about my undocumented Chansey. :thinking:


Ugh, the submission form for contact doesn’t seem to be working and I can’t figure out why… My cursor turns into a little :no_entry_sign: when I try to click submit.

Yeah, it isn’t working. They do have socials though which you may be able to contact them on.

I sent them a message on Instagram same day, and commented on one of their posts, but no luck yet. :frowning: