Pokémon Collectér's Collection

I have a bunch of cards in binders that I’ll eventually post, but I’ll just start with some of my favorites! And I have a bunch at PSA still being graded.

Complete PSA 9 Trainer Deck B

Complete PSA Authentic 1st Edition Base Set Holos

BGS 9 Blastoise FPO

Complete PSA 10 Japanese McDonald’s Promo Starters

Complete PSA 9 Evolutions STAFF Prerelease


I might need help picking my jaw up off the floor lol. That is a very impressive collection!

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Very nice collection you got going. I wish that McDonlds bulbasaur came in holo


Great collection you have there :blush:


Bang…Mic drop

That is one impressive collection my friend! Very jealous of some of those!

Keep it up :slight_smile:

dame :blush: thats a nice collection

UPDATE: (I’ll try and upgrade it to a FULL PSA 10 Set by the end of this year)


Wow!! Awesome collection!! Congrats on completing those staff cards :wink: !

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Those are great dude :blush: The McDonald’s Squirtle though. Oh that face, got those puss n boots eyes going on :grin:

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