pokemon-card.com redesigned!!!


I actually totally love it. It’s very clean, which I am a huge fan off. Unfortunately:

  • The card databases are missing (at least the text one according to viper.fox. I haven’t had a chance to explore the site yet)

  • It’s a totally new layout, which means you have to relearn where everything is

But hopefully it’ll still have all the cool info on the cards we love!

I think it’s late October when they are going to get everything up again (at least, I think that’s what this link is saying: www.pokemon-card.com/info/100917.html))

Does anyone know when the databases etc. come back again? I miss them!

Update - old product lines are back! Check the bottom of the cards section under products. Still waiting for the databases though. Maybe in time for the second erxpansion?

I’d quite like access to your Daisuki login (is that even possible? I just want to see the pretty database!)