"Pokemon Card 151" Set - General Discussion

Yep, English. :slight_smile:

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I almost lost faith with opening the 151 UPC box but man I got so lucky!! Pulled the God Pack! :heart_eyes:


English for me. 13 cards from a master set. Trying to do it all by trading or buying from friends. Really makes it feel like ‘99 doing it this way.

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For those of you still looking for it, pokemon center just restocked UPC’s and you can get the rare squirtle promo from them again.


Glad to see more supply of the Squirtle come out. It was crazy seeing how high that free card was going.

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Will have to hold fire until after Christmas now to carry on with the 151 master set. Spending too much money at the moment with Christmas-related stuff and presents for other people so very little purchases for me.

I have a LOT of cards to go for however. I opened UPC, ETB, Poster Collection, Zapdos box, Alakazam box, and Binder Collection (so everything released in English other than the Booster Bundles) and from all of that, I pulled a SINGLE ultra rare (the Bill full art), 3x normal art rares, and less than half of the regular half-art EXs.

Pull rates absolutely burnt me, especially with how much money I’d spent on all those products. It’s left me deciding not to buy any more sealed product for pure opening fun anymore. I’ll just be picking up singles for the rest of my 151 journey and all sets beyond.


I checked 15 minutes after reading your post and they were already sold out! :melting_face:


Was able to snag my 3rd upc yesterday but first squirtle promo. Im hyped I didnt have to pay the 70 for the promo


Maybe the best UPC I’ve ever opened. Def a dub all around.


solid pulls. Every other upc post seems to be a bunch of nothing


There have been several eBay listings from multiple sellers for Japanese 151 Booster Box “pre-orders” appear on eBay UK today. Prices had gone up to around £180-£200 while these new listings have them posted at around £140-£155. I have no experience with distribution but thought this seemed interesting considering @smpratte latest Patreon insight.


Stumbled upon this video, something to be aware of with jp, and in the vid specifically 151. I know some of you open a lot of jp product and would immediately spot this kind of thing but I certainly don’t so maybe this will help someone to avoid getting scammed.


Have experienced it before personally;- Starbirth packs in Eevee Heroes booster box.

Also seen other people opening juice packs in Vstar Universe boxes…

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Still disappointed that Omanyte got an AR and Kabuto was designated to a cameo in it… sigh one day my boys will get their own full arts.

Especially now, I expected Kabutops EX to make a resurgence!


While I have zero stake in the Helix vs Dome war, one look at which evolution got 5 holos during the WOTC era while the other got zilch tells me that it’s ok Omanyte was the one who got an AR.


Lord amber. Where is he? He didnt get an AR or ex. D: I really wanted one. :c

He got one early, and the best he’ll ever have


Thats a V it doesnt count (its dumb ik but my point stands imo)

say no more