Pokemon Car Skin

I play an online car racing game called Trackmania.
Made a sweet looking Gengar/Pokemon car skin for my Citroen rally car.
Thought someone might like it :blush:


Yeah that’s awesome. might have to check the game out now :blush:

Pretty sweet art! :grin:

I did a Togepi art on Forza 2 many years ago. Still got a couple of pics.

Mind if I post? *don’t wanna hijack thread :stuck_out_tongue: *

absolutely! share away :blush:

Trackmania2 is the latest release on a frontend called Mania Planet 4, but you have to buy that.
The older Trackmania Nations Forever (TMNF) is still fairly active and free. You can download it here: files.trackmaniaforever.com/tmnationsforever_setup.exe?
Stadium is by far the most popular environment.
If you like it and get TM2, let me know. Ill add you as a buddy.

Wasn’t the best design around, but after a couple of hours of playing around with it, I got it to work :blush:


Nice! Yea, skinning 3d models is hard to “wrap” your head around :stuck_out_tongue:
You should give TM2 a try if you have a pc. Awesome game!

ahhhh nostalgia of Forza 2!