Pokemon Books + Nagatanien Cards - Show-off & Questions

A little show-off of part of my collection to bring to the light this niche stuff, hoping to gather infos on them.

I know there are around 40ish(?) books and the Nagatanien cards were found in Bento/Noodles in Japan, if you know something more please feel free to share it^^




Nice topic. I’m always happy to see more items like these since discovering the Rhyhorn novel but not finding anywhere near enough about them. :slightly_frowning_face: Zapdos’ pose is a neat example of viewing an animalistic maturity over a dynamic pose.

Uuuh the Rhyhorn book was illustrated by Arita right? I need that one.

Correct. :blush: I wish to see more of it and others. Rhyhorn is undervalued in my book.

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