Pokemon Art Academy Illustration Contest Thread



Did the english winners only get one copy of their card?

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For those interested, I’ve already contacted the winner and they are in NO rush to sell.

Their plan is to PSA a few cards, hand some out and then consider what to do with them…

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so how often are these competitions done?

Well this is the first Art Academy one (sorry for being obvious), but the last time an illustration contest was held was in 2010 and was the Zorua set, which was all Japanese.

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How many different English cards were distributed?

On the Pokemon site looks like 12 don’t know if all get cards though?

Yep all twelve get 100 cards of their artwork. Lol answered my own question:

“All 12 of our winners will receive a 100-card pack of custom-designed Pokémon Trading Card Game cards displaying their artwork!”



I always thought that this was one of the better looking winning entries, will be interesting how they price theirs compared to noodles’, being as that one is English do you think it will be the standard worse quality than the JP winners? The one I really really want is the one of pikachu cooking though!

I think it really depends on the artwork. Pikachu is generally a more expensive collectable than any other random Pokémon.

Hopefully these won’t be too expensive to pick up.

I’m not too big any any of these art academy cards. The only ones I really like (and would pay money for) are the Mew and Primal Kyogre. And maybe the Japanese Sableye. Other than that, I don’t really like them and I think they’re a bit overrated.


That pretty cool, I wouldn’t be adverse to picking one of these up if he decides to sell.

I offered one of the winners $10,000.00 for 99 of them or $12,500.00 for 100.


What was the response like?


Nothing to report yet…

I really love the mudkip and the mew

When I realized there were English cards:


I hope there are never any Voltorbs or Electrodes…