Pokebeach was (NOT) hacked

~~Fellow collectors!

It has come to my attention that one of the pokemon news sites, pokebeach was hacked. It’s front page now has meteorites flying around and banners that are going bananas. The site will be down for updates as WPM tries to fix it. Note: This might mean a few more members coming our way, as people might worry that the site is broken and want to find somewhere new for the time being! This isn’t 100% accurate, but it isn’t a huge stretch either. If you are photosensitive, do not, I repeat do NOT go onto beach for the time being.~~

Fellow collectors!

It has come to my attention that pokebeach doesn’t appear to be hacked. It appears as though he is trying to remake the site. Unfortunately I don’t know why there are all these different tactics being done, regardless I’m done with it! He blocked me on twitter for my tweet of “Wanna lose followers on a clutch pokemon site? Follow pokebeach’s example! Stupid pranks.”. Though it was a little passive, I know a few individuals who are photosensitive who fell victim to the spammy gif. Anyways no reason to worry about it now! Just WPM remaking the site, or something! -shrugs-

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If you use Chrome and inspect element on the picture, it says Teaser.jpg

Seems like WPM playing around knowing him. Did you catch him on Skype and confirm it was hacked?

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yay another HTML nerd YES

It was not hacked.


Tell me that’s not a hack?

That is not a hack!

הוא יגיע ביום שישי
Google translate to
He will arrive on Friday



Whatever it is, it was very foolish.

I have friends who are photo sensitive and a spammy gif and flashy meteorites was not the way to proceed in the remodeling of the site. I said one tweet about how foolish the prank was, and he proceeded to block me. Ahh well.

To be fair it doesn’t suddenly make him a bad person for putting flashy gifs on the front page.

Lol… sounds like your dealing with a child who can’t take a joke.

What a mental-case.

True but he said on his own forum it was hacked and clearly it isn’t now… :T -shrugs- I see your point but I did have friends who were affected from the flashy gif

sucks for them as they had no way to know. But as a slight deviation, how do they survive on thr internet not knowing which sites will have flashing images? I think i have maybe seen a warning for it 2-3 times in the 17 years I have been using the net.

True, usually they have friends check things out for them, but not always :blush:

WPM is doing what he thinks he needs to do to cater to PokéBeach demographics, which does not include collectors.

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@omahanime I go to Pokebeach for news because they are often first to report it in the West, but other than that I wouldn’t use the site.


I did not say that anyone should not go to PokéBeach.

I said

“WPM is doing what he thinks he needs to do to cater to PokéBeach demographics, which does not include collectors.”

Which means he is doing things for his core visitors. He does not view collectors as part of his core visitors. Please continue to visit PokéBeach for your news.

I wasnt having a go at you. Sorry if you misconstrued it.
It was morw a jab at Pokebeach because as a collector thats all they can offer me.

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