It’s a quick poem of introspective expression. Could have been written better. Nothing else to say, really.


Avarice is a beautiful temptress
Albeit a torturous plight
Riddled with hollowed hatred
Burdened by covetous blight.

I encourage its insatiable hunger
I embody its unyielding delight
Upon caressing the scintillating tapestry
So temptingly bright.

Illusion blinds reason
Misfortune begets despair
Fingertips sift through ghosts
Exhausted by hopeless prayer.

Escape is a thesis
A fantasy beyond my frozen stare
As I glimpse upon a forgotten treasure
That was never truly there.

Wow, that was beautiful. I love the expansive vocabulary used, and how you applied a “condition” to physical elements of life. Simply beautiful.

I must say, this poem should be this forum’s motto :stuck_out_tongue:

@daelum – Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

It cannot; very few individuals have experienced this type of ultimate failure.

@frostyfluxy – You’re an amazing friend, Stuart. Thank you so much :heart:

In addition, I extend my gratitude to my friends that have helped me thus far. I am very lucky to have you guys in my life! It has taught me that people do care, and it should never be questioned.