Please help and read :)

Hey guys,
i need help finishing of,
jungle,base and fossil sets,
basically im just looking for commons/uncommons and just wondering if people have spares laying around what there either just throwing away or yeah.
since im on a tight budget, free cards would be good lol, but i do realise nothing in this world is free.
i do have cards for trade and if you’s would like ill make a trade list in the buy/sell/trade discussion,
so a pm would be quite nice or just a simple somthing on here,
but once again free cards will be nice but if yous like to trade ill put the list up so, for everyone who took the time reading this thank you

Ill check I think I have some

**No. just no.

Now I am in a bad mood, so if another mod doesn’t think this is a piss-take then they’ll unlock it. But do not ask for free cards, and if you’re willing to buy there is a forum for that.**