PLAY promo set up for sale


i have the complete set up for sale on ebay -

im open for offers as well

There was a complete set up for $1,000 with the eevee and porygon and it never sold :confused:

When was this?

I would have bought it if i knew about it

Iv only listed it a week best offer i got is 1500 already so i think it might sell.

I will also list the japanese lottery shiny ho- oh and shiny lugia promos in a few weeks aswell if anyone is intrested.

I would take that $1,500 that is a pretty good price!

Thats what i thought but im thinking ill keep it going for a few more weeks or months because i dont need the money atm so ill see what offers i can get.

When was the other set on ebay and would you have the persons username by an chance.

Yeah but the cards were pieced out. He sold the umbreon and espeon along with the eevee and porygon separately. The only ones left are the flareon, vaporeon and jolteon cards.

I’d be curious to know where this ends up.

Scott, wasn’t yours the auction where you got ripped? Doesn’t seem like a fair comparison to me :thinking:

So that set was split up in the end.

He pieced them out before I bought them. When the auction was full it was at 900 bid, 1,100 BIN. It was a solid deal and I was back and forth on it and bought it after he sold two of the main cards (umbreon and porygon).

But it was up legitimately for months at $1,000 complete.

I’d say $1200 is a fair price for the set. m786ali, it seems you got yours for $1000 which was a bargain:

I’d take the $1500. Good price, generous offer. But then, you might get more if you wait a few more months.

I agree, $1,500 is definitely a good price.

The set i bought for a 1000 was a different one.

the one im selling now is my personal one iv had it for sometime now.

Congrats on the $1500 offer, I wish I had that much to spend on that set. Does anyone have an extra Players Club Eeveeloution set?

I’d quite like one too if people are giving them out :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok i doubt anyone would give the set away i wish they did though.

Thanks for the advice every one ill keep it in mind

ill let you know what happens if i sell it or not.