Pikachu Wants (aka justin overpays for common cards)

Hello all! Long time friend of churlocker here, he suggested I poke my head in and ask around.

New to the community, but not new to most aspects of collecting. I’ve got a number of categories I’ve been collecting under for Pokemon cards, but my primary collection focus (hi AJ) was collecting Pikachu cards. Much like that collection, I’m going for all variations (artwork, editions, errors, languages) of Pikachu cards released. I am not, though, looking for only GM/M/NM as long as the card is not in really bad shape. A reasonable amount of wear doesn’t bother me - these are for me, not really for value.

As this isn’t my collection thread, I will just focus on what I’m currently looking for. This will be changing pretty regularly as I get certain cards and move on to completing other aspects of the collection.

You can find all of the cards I am looking for at this link:
Collection Needs List

The link above contains the card information for each, including language and specific details pertaining to the variations of each card. There are also prices I am willing to pay on the right hand side of the page, which I am definitely willing to consider negotiating on if you have a card I need.

At that page you can also filter using the search (aka if you want to help with Japanese, just type in “Japanese” and all Japanese needs will be the only ones to display) to make things easier.

PLEASE please please get in contact with me if you have any of these cards. I am very interested in getting them. Thanks!



Nice name choice! ;D


Haha, thanks, it’s been my username of choice for the last eight or so years. (: Usually has an underscore (justin_ator) but can’t do that on Proboards~

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Nice :blush: welcome to the forum!

Funny enough, he had that same username about seven years ago when we met! Haha

Haha awesome! My dads friends used to call him pottsinator and it was passed on to me lol. I remember using it when I had AIM

Oh geez, AIM. I remember those days. Haha.
@justinator used this as his AIM, I’m pretty sure?

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Oh, another Pikachu collector! Welcome :blush:

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if you want jumbos, hit me up.

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@funmonkey54, I don’t recall what my AIM was, but I want to say it was probably justin_ator as well

@kubek, Thanks for the welcome! I’ll be browsing your imgur albums for a bit here (: haha

@elam18, I’ll need some more of the jumbo cards for sure, as I only have three currently and there are like 8 Pikachu related jumbo cards or something. I browsed your eBay store from your signature block and I realized I’ve actually looked at your listings before. Good cards, but a bit out of reach for me right now unless you’re willing to do some pretty reduced prices. Haha. I’ll keep you in mind though on those.

Also kubek, are you at all interested in selling any of your cards or are you just collecting them? I’ve seen a few cards in your pictures that I was trying to find here and there and figured I would ask.

if you pay through PayPal only, I can give 10% off. If you buy a lot, I can give you a bigger discount. Just pm me a list

Oh I didn’t update my imgur in a while… I’m currently thinking about creating another collection site c:

What cards do you have in mind exactly? Unfortunately I don’t really sell cards from my own collection but I have some Pikachu doubles, I can PM you pics if you want ; )

If you want to pm me a list of what you have doubles on I’d be terribly appreciative of it (: particularly on those albums I was liking the Polish mysterious treasures. If you had an in with those or could help me find them it would be awesome. Let me know!

Updated wants to remove the XY Russian, and added in another Russian card I have confirmed existence on but still need.
Also threw in Spanish birthday Pikachu - trying to get more of the bday Pikachu cards.
I have:
-Japanese release 1

so I need Natta Wake, Spanish, and any other languages that might exist outside of those. Not sure if any do, like German?

I have a Natta Wake Japanese Pikachu (NM condition) and the Japanese release (2nd anniversary sealed with stickers). PM me if you’re interested

Also have a Pikachu English CoroCoro (glossy Japanese release) grey star promo if you’re interested

What are you asking for the Natta Wake Pikachu, elam? I saw the set of 4 for $130 but all I really want out of it is the Pikachu.

$75 shipped with tracking assuming you live in the US. THe pictures of the pikachu is on my ebay.

The same Justin I sold Chinese base to via FB and eBay? Welcome in here mate.

if you need any other cards and they’re in lot, let me know (only the japanese promo lots). I might be able to break them up.

Indeed, I am, thank you for that!

And elam, thank you for that. For right now I think I’ll pass on most of that but in the future I’m sure I’ll be hunting for some of it.