Pikachu vs Ho-Oh

So is anybody out there a fan of the pokemon tv show? Have you seen the newer episode of ashs pikachu battling Ho-Oh. Yes, a f*cking Ho-Oh. I really can’t get over that. Pikachu was happy and recovered quickly after the battle. I love the show but cmon, what are the writers thinking? Ho-Oh is (or was) the god of pokemon. He is a legendary majestic beautiful creature. You simply can’t put Pickachu up against f*cking Ho-Oh and then give Pickachu plot armor so he does’t die. Legendary pokemon should be untouchable and very very strong. Not just anybody can faint a legendary. Ash is the best pokemon trainer in the world so he gets a f*cking pass. Its crazy how they put something like that in the show. They should not portray Legendarys (especially Ho-Oh) to be like that. Do I sound crazy guys? Doesn’t that get you mad?


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A shocking discovery you have made
I couldn’t believe my eyes BUT
It seems indeed pikachu is capable of defeating a ho-oh
Given it has electric terrain on the field

252+ SpA Light Ball Pikachu Thunder vs. 224 HP / 72 SpD Ho-Oh in Electric Terrain: 428-506 (104.6 - 123.7%) – guaranteed OHKO


Haven’t watched the show since the 90s but if Ash has trained pikachu for 20 years than that sucker is a level 100 pokemon and would probably destroy anything. But that’s just the gameboy in me talking ha.

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Electric beats flying, duh. Slap an evolite on that pika and that bird has got no chance.

It’s a wild ho-oh so it’s got no EVs, n00000b

Glad to see they kept the tradition from the original show: what Pokemon can we introduce that Pikachu will somehow defeat?

After Pikachu talking nothing really can bother me.

Pikachu is clearly the true god of pokemon

You have to be from Japan to understand why this episode was made. :sunglasses:

Ash’s Pikachu beats all Pokemon…

Unless it’s at a tournament, then Ash always loses somehow even with all six of his Pokémon including Pikachu… :unamused:

Oh, and at the start of every new season Pikachu looses one of the first Pokémon battles against Ash’s new rival, rofl. Pikachu beats almost everything later on in a season, but at the start of a season, nope… apparently Ash is a noob then.

Ah well, still love the anime regardless. :wink: Watched every episode, banned episode, special episode, and movie. Roughly 900 x 20 minutes + 20 x 1.5 hours (about 300 hours…) Ah well, no regrets. :blush:


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XY and XY&Z is the only legitimately good season and the only season worth watching, period.

Fight me.

I totally disagree!! But I’ll be merciful since you have Uraraka as your avatar… :grin:

XY was definitely good though, I was actually angry when Ash lost the Kalos league. There’s no way Greninja would have lost that match with type advantage and everything! But speaking of Pikachu’s amazing abilities, who could forget on the Black & White anime when Pikachu absorbs an attack from Thunderous and lets loose an electroball that could take down Arceus.www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvG-gRViZZU

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The way I always like to see the anime is completely separated from the games. I like to compare it to DnD. Yeah, that Goblin might get 25% more damage from Fire. But you know what would be EVEN more effective than that? Attacking the Chandelier that is hanging above his head to make it drop on top of him.

Those are the kind of rules the anime is based on. Disconnected from the games.

XY/Z was terrible with all that stupid beauty competition and the whole Zygard story arc.
SM got it’s fair share of non-battle episodes but they at least introduce a new region exclusive Pokemon when they do so.
In first 21 episodes of SM, Ash has lost once to the point he had no usual Pokemon vs Team Rocket. And he only got away with it due to Bewear

I haven’t see the episode but I hope it doesn’t end with Pikachu saying: “…Because I love you!” Lol

Anyone who has seen the new film should know what I’m talking about :wink:


Hopefully Pikachu talking was a one time thing, I don’t know what they were thinking.

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Omdat, omdat ik altijd bij jou wil zijn! <3333

The dutch dub was so amazing!

I am almost sure the reaction was just like the one at the theater I was in lol!