Pictures of Shining Mew, Gyarados, Magikarp?

Can anyone provide high quality pictures of these cards in Japanese (the English ones don’t sparkle all over the card sadly…lol)?

I’m trying to replicate the “shining” factor of these cards in my fake cards, but I can’t find good enough pictures to use as reference.

Thanks guys! =]

Pm me your email and I’ll take hq pictures of my gyarados and magikarp for you! May I ask why you’re planning on making fake cards? As long as you don’t plan on selling/trading them or passing them off as real :wink:

Haha, no way! =]

Check out my dA:

I’m revamping my “Shining” cards and I thought it would be awesome to give them the Japanese shining treatment! :blush:

Thanks! I’ll PM you now.

Really cool thing you have going on, I’m glad to help! The pictures are sent, its hard to capture the foil with a camera. There are two parts. The normal picture box has the regular Japanese foil pattern and the entire card is overlaid with a pattern of small rainbow dots that catches any light. It looks like a rainbow when the camera flash captures it. In some lights you can see only the normal foil, others only the small dot entire card foil treatment and others you can catch both. Very cool! Hope I was helpful

Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing!!