Any other hobbyists in this field? If so what’s your preferred brand? What is your favorite subject to take pictures of? Crop sensor or full frame? I’m pretty much entirely self taught (and still bettering myself), I mostly take pictures of animals (cats, horses and marine life), horror movie conventions and at amusement parks. I have done some high school senior pictures before for friends, family members and did my first wedding last fall. Nearly all my equipment is Canon brand with a smaller Pentax system as well. I own 6 dslr bodies (5 Canon and 1 Pentax), 13 different lenses (ranging from the EF-S 18-55mm kit lens to the heavyweight 28-300 “L” glass) as well as my handy little Canon Powershot. I always enjoy talking cameras. :blush:

Do you want to teach me? I want to get into photography

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get on that wedding photo cash money.

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This is what it is like ey:

btw, I am a fan of pokemon cats! good to see a Persian avatar!


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I can help…sure. Especially if its Canon (as well as Pentax and Olympus) you go with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wha’ts a good Canon starter kit? for investment and long term

^Look into their Rebel line. They’re lightweight, sturdy little DSLRs as well as pretty inexpensive and for the most part easy to learn quickly. I bought my Canon Rebel T3 back in 2011 and she still serves me well as my primary general purpose camera. The T5 is basically a newer version of my T3.

The Rebels tend to come with the standard 18-55mm lens like the one I posted about in my original post. If/when you decide to get more “zoom” with a lens you have the EF-S 55-250mm or the EF 75-300mm. I currently own a 75-300mm, neither lens I would rely for any in home pictures due to their zoom range, that’s where the kit lens (or even a 40mm lens) would be the best bet. It’s really impossible to go wrong with a Rebel once you learn how to use them.

Now if budget isn’t an issue…you could look at the XXD line. They’re crop sensors like the Rebel only real difference is their body size and weight (they are larger and heavier than the Rebels)

I have worked with a 70D before, they actually make good video cameras (just not as good as my 5DMkIII). It’s a solid camera and actually not too huge (tad smaller than my 50D which is basically a brick compared to a Rebel). I’d make a trip to a local camera store (or Walmart but from what I seen their selection of cameras is very limited) and try out a camera to see which would be the better fit in your hands. I’m fine with just about any Canon :stuck_out_tongue: including the big boys in the 5D/1D/1Ds line. The Nikons and Sony though…they feel weird to me.

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Nikon master race :wink:

Honestly if I didn’t already have so much invested into Canon you probably would see a Nikon in my arsenal. My brother is more into Nikon, I’m into Canon (and Pentax, haha)

I’m actually looking into the possibility of getting another camera cause my 50D is showing signs the shutter is close to failing. Canon far as I know no longer services the model due to its age so it’s either sending it to KEH to get the shutter replaced or consider a gently used 7D or saving up for the 7DMkII. *shrug* Gah, I love my 50D…

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Size comparison…here’s my Rebel alongside my two full frame cameras (on top of their crazy price tag the full frame Canon bodies are brutes in size and weight)

…and yes, that is my peeping tom Vulpix :tada:


Thanks for the tip. I have to research more on the camera to drop $400 on it. Did you do research online to figure out how to use the appropriate setting for different kinds of picture?

For me not so much. I have a lot of photographer friends, some of which I consider better than myself I observed and learned on my own while playing with my cameras. There are a lot of websites, blogs and even Youtube videos that are helpful in showing the differences between AV (Aperture Priority), TV (Shutter Priority) and Manual modes. I almost never, ever shoot Auto or even use the Creative pre-programed settings.

I just have my Canon EOS 600D DSLR, I use it sparingly and unprofessionally. lol

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I love how the irony that is pictures of things that tke pictures is present in this post. I’m not much for photography but it is somewhat entertaining for me to entertain silly ideas.

I’ve been wanting to get a new camera for a while… Alas with school I’ve needed to survive on my cellphone for the time being hahaha

Ahh the Rebel T3i in the Americas! Despite the age it’s still a pretty popular camera here.

Yup, wasn’t a fan of the “T3i Rebel” branding, so I had to go with this one which I really like, a simple “600D” stamp; I was thinking about getting the KissX5 (Japanese version) originally, but it was a hassle to get one at the time.