Phantom gate complete set value?


Just wondering what a complete set (97/88) of this would be valued at.
All gem mint.

If this isn’t allowed please delete :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks man

I think I will just keep it lol. I have about 7 complete sets without the ultra/secret Rares and the one full set with everything -.- haha

I saw your post on Virbank.

Personally I would say…
$200 is a nice round number.

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Complete sets are such a pain in the butt to sell. Haha. I learned it the hard way. :confused:

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Ya haha toooo muchhhh lol

I completed the Japanese sets with just four boxes each? (Except all full arts but even then I got most) In my experience they’re a lot easier to complete!

If they are going for that much I’m going to flog mine off to make some money for cards I actually care about!