Perlers (featuring Final Fantasy discussions)

Anybody else do these? It’s a new-to-me hobby that I’ve gotten into lately, but have been interested in ever since a friend from my site made me a Dewgong perler a few years ago. For those who don’t know what perlers are, basically you buy a bunch of plastic colored beads, arrange them into patterns and melt the beads together to create designs. It’s popular in the gaming community because it’s really easy to convert 2D sprites into perler designs. I’ve done two so far, Celes and Vivi from Final Fantasy:

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Vivi is the single best developed FF character ever, Wakka comes a close 2nd.


I always used Celes in my party whenever possible. VI was amazing game, still one of the greatest Final Fantasys.

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FF6 is my favorite Final Fantasy, and Celes is my favorite character both in FF6 and the series in general, hence why she was my first perler. :blush: FFX and FF9 round out my top three, and Vivi is one of the rare times that my favorite character of the game isn’t female (lol).

There are so many perlers from FF alone that I’d like to do, and the nice thing is that all of the F2P mobile FF games, like Record Keeper, give 2D sprites to even the 3D-era characters, making it really easy to do them!

Fat Pikachu is best Pikachu.


got any in size ESPEON ?

Did you like FF9? The music in that game was amazing. Vamo alla Flamenco from the mini game or Daguerro the water/Library.

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FF9 is my second favourite, behind 8.

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My wife is a cross stitcher

I genuinely read that as a cross dresser…

I used to do these as a kid. When Red and Blue came out, me and my sister would try to make sprite versions of them using the same tactic. They weren’t too bad. Can’t remember where they are now though.


Wakka?! WAKKA?!!?! The “don’t think of your home burning down as bad, think of it like BIG happy fireworks!” guy?!?!!!

You are entiteled to your own opinion but you are wrong.

Wakka is a man completely devoted and invested into his religion/governing (Yevon). He’s deeply knowledgeable about the history of his world and his religion, his whole life has been built around and believing in the teachings set down by Yevon.

His faith is constantly challenged throughout the early part of the game, he remains dedicated and won’t hear a bad word against Yevon. He even blindly hates the Al-Bhed because Yevon tells him he is supposed to. He becomes a Guardian for a Half Al-Bhed Summoner, causing him to start questioning the teachings set forth by Yevon. Then a full blooded Al-Bhed joins the party as another Guardian.

Even after the other Guardians/Characters have realised that Yevon is a crock of shit, his life has been so deeply seated in Yevon that he has A LOT of trouble coming to terms with the evidence and events happening before him. When someone has been so indoctrinated like he was, it’s incredibly tough to throw everything away that you believe in and realise the truth.

He struggles with his faith the entire game, not to mention the sub-plot with his brother Chappu.

So yeah, that’s why I think he is the 2nd best developed character of the FF series.

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Snow’s running circles around Wakka in terms of character development. 8D

I feel dirty even joking about that… I used to really like FF10 but I’m having a really hard time getting into the game these days. As soon as I start getting back into the story something pulls me out of it again instantly… I feel like there’s way too much distracting from the main story for it to be enjoyable for me personally. But yeah, I can definitely see your point. ^^

Also, this is late but Wakka is BY FAR the most useful character in FFX for the end-game content. Want to beat the Monster Arena? You better get perfect at hitting Attack Reels every single time. And underwater fights don’t even take him out like they do to Yuna and her Aeons.

It’s funny, top tier for getting through the story is probably Yuna, Lulu and Auron, but for all of the optional content, the shitty Overdrives of the latter two characters make them about as relevant as Kimahri in high level fights. I still had fun causing 99,999 HP Overkills with Lulu’s physical attack though. :heart_eyes:

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