Paypal is Satanic

This is my first created thread. I just wondered if anyone else felt the same way.

I started selling on Ebay (non-Pokemon) in 2013. There were no problems. I work hard for my sales and go out of my way to ensure exceptional communication, rapid dispatch with tracking, refunding P&P charge differences and everything else that goes with selling. And to reward that, over the last month Paypal has started to hold my money without explanation. They list criteria for pending funds which my Ebay account fully meets (when I started selling, they never held my funds). They claim it is for seller protection which is absolute bollocks. They don’t even release the money for postage, which I think everyone will agree, is one of the most important things in keeping buyers happy - that they actually get to receive their bloody item. I was arbitrarily picked and now they hold my money, well AFTER the buyer leaves positive feedback. The item is out of my hands, postage costs out of pocket, happy buyer and yet they continue to hold money for excessive periods. But it goes deeper.

Everyone has read Paypal horror stories. From chargebacks without warrant and the permanent freezing of funds, I think they are a pretty tyrannical organisation. As they are the spawn of Ebay, obviously they are plastered around the site. New buyers/see this and the status quo is reinforced, effectively fencing out other methods of payment, painting them as suspicious or open to fraud.

They deny money to charities and appeals. For all their money, they can’t use algorithms to detect when a business is experiencing growth or seasonal demand (bye-bye funds in that case). Did anyone hear about when they fucked over all the vendors in India by reversing completed payments and leaving them overdrawn (without warning I might add . . .)? They actually expected to be paid for such a nefarious thing.

They are outside US financial regulation. I live in the UK, and for Europe they are based in Luxembourg. So no oversight there.

I find it simply unbelievable. I want an alternative.

I’m sorry if this is too crass and falls below the high standards of UPCCC conduct but Paypal can suck my b*lls.

I believe Paypal is satanic too. I’ve been telling my friends for years. Late in 2011, I was taking a walk through my local woods when I saw Paypal butchering a live goat over a pentagram! Paypal was wearing some sort of dark robe and had candles lit everywhere. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty scared of Paypal since then.

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But on a serious note, I like Paypal for the convenience, by I’ve had my share of problems. I guess they are a necessary evil. I really hope things work out for you though. Your situation sounds really shitty

when I first started selling some stuff on there(like a month ago) they held my funds now I get it instantly, so mhm

Paypal has been going since 1999. eBay bought it in 2002 for 1.5 Billion dollars…

My experience with them has been totally positive and I’ve used them since 1999. Back then for every one of your auction winners you got to sign up and pay you with Paypal, they gave you 5.00. If you sold a dollar card, Paypal gave you an extra 5.00;) I remember getting all my friends and family to sign up just so I’d get the 5.00 each lol. It was sweet.
Now I don’t like paying 2.9 or 3.9% but what’s the cheaper alternative?

So you’ve been a seller for a year with many transactions? That is odd. One of my sons had to wait through 25 or so transactions before they’d make funds available immediately but in your case I don’t know what’s up.

I had a few issues with PayPal back around 2005, but since 2007 and onward I have had nothing but positive experiences. In fact, it’s one of the few large companies I hold some level of respect for, at least as a buyer. I’ve heard some horror stories regarding PayPal of course- I think we all have, but overall I love that company and I prefer to use PayPal for making any purchase in general over my local bank simply due to the level of customer service I’ve received at PayPal time after time again.
I’ve even had issues where I pre-ordered a game long before its release, and it turned out to be a scam. It was outside of the 45 day dispute period, but I contacted PayPal anyway and they credited the full $60 to me simply for being a loyal customer.

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for me it was about the same, but it includes purchases to for me

I think his voltorb collection is scarier

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Those Pokemon are dumb.

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