Paypal HELP!

Ok so I purchased a card from this person. He listed the card on eBay as mint condition. I told him that we could just do it outside eBay so he avoids the fees. However we still did it through goods just incase something happened. Basically when I received the card the card was not mint at all. I opened a case against him. Now paypal wants supporting documentation of this claim. What do they mean? What do I need to show them?

Show them print screens of the ebay messages and a scan of the card, that’s all you can do.
You could have just said that the card never arrived, it’s easier that way although you’d be lying.
Proving the quality isn’t as mentioned is a lot harder and you gained the same (damaged card is worth ‘nothing’).

How do you do print screens of the messages? Can I just post the link of the listing?

Google “How to screen shot”.

Look for the print screen button on your keyboard, if it’s a laptop use Fn + Prnt Scrn.
Then copy paste the image in Paint or something.
Upload the image on tinypic or imageshack or add the pictures in a message to paypal if that’s possible.

Ok so I won the case. When it say I need to provide tracking, do I need to do tracking or can I just do delivery confirmation?

You need an actual tracking number because once it gets delivered you can give paypal a call and tell them its delivered and they will use the tracking info to confirm it before they issue the refund back to you.