Paying With Paypal

So I’m wondering, a user on Ebay has some items i would like to buy, but because they are a new user, ebay only lets them list 10 items a month, and they have reached their limit, they suggested paying through paypal and skipping ebay, is that safe?

Should be fine. You’re protected on Paypal if something goes wrong.

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Should be fine, but don’t send as a gift or anything crazy like that. :wink:


So i paid the guy, and my payment says “unclaimed”, is this anything to be alarmed about? any scams involving this?

There may be limits on the money he can receive since he is new. I seem to remember seeing something like this before. Unless it was the wrong username?

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eBay and PayPal brought out a policy which means that sellers can’t claim their funds for 21 days after the sale for new members. That’s most likely the cause.

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ohh right, that makes sense, thanks for all the replies!

just an update, sorry to bump

seller turned out to be a scammer, make a dispute and got my $1000 back


You should post it to the eBay Wall of Shame so we know who to look out for! D:

“If it sounds too good to be true…”

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Yep, it was worth a shot though, nothing ventured, nothing gained :stuck_out_tongue: