'Palworld' Aka Pokemon with Guns Video Game Launches with 19 million players

Oh i know its not entirely that rare for this to happen. Diablo 4’s endgame sucked and is a big reason why the decline was so sudden and steep. I haven’t played Palworld so Im wondering if the large decline is due to something similar as Diablo’s lackluster endgame driven decline.

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Im a little late to the party but ive watched my son play and i gotta say im starting to get interested. It looks fun. I dont play a lot of games though, well, elden ring, but we arent getting into that.

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I played the game since launch. By now, I’ve cleared 95% of the content. So I can see why it’s dropped off as people are either done with the game or they’re just lurking until more content drops.

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It’s the norm, I’m pretty sure.

I think most new apps lose like 50%+ of their users within a month.